About us


Time passes quickly and our kids face many challenges. The world is becoming more and more complex and the younger generation is making their mark with strong statements about their vision for the future.

This spirit is what we try to capture in our design. We explore new materials and methods, but we are not opposed to the classics. We search for the best techniques to express all the different colors of life.

We are global citizens, with global awareness. We have a new vision for the future. This is why in every cut and every stitch we try to bring out the power that is concealed inside each of us. No matter our age, we are always child and adult at the same time. 

Witch & Witch is not only a collection, it is the tormented and magic feeling of our time. We forge our shape like new soldiers, where the battle is not for one side to win over the other, but to make a better world shared among all, with a common vibrant future.

In every detail, in every challenge, in every new idea, Witch & Witch is with you. Let us be your shield, your hope, your awareness of your power!